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Residential Services

At Gym Crash Heroes, we understand how important your fitness equipment is to your workout routine. That's why we offer a variety of services, including repair, assembly, and maintenance, to help keep your equipment running smoothly. With our reliable and efficient residential service, you can be confident that your gym is always ready for your next workout.


Box assembly

Our Box Assembly service is the perfect solution for anyone who needs help setting up their fitness equipment. Our experienced technicians will take care of everything, from unpacking your box to assembling your equipment. With our help, you'll be able to start your workout in no time.

Disassembly & Reassembly

Disassembling and reassembling fitness equipment can be a challenge, but with our expert service, you can leave the hassle to us. We take pride in our ability to expertly disassemble and reassemble any fitness equipment you need moved, and we do so efficiently and with the utmost care. Let us do the heavy lifting for you!

threshold assembly

Our Threshold Assembly service is designed to simplify the process of moving and setting up your fitness equipment. Our team of professionals will ensure that your equipment is transported safely and securely, and assemble it for you quickly and efficiently. Take the first step towards your fitness goals with the help of our reliable Threshold Assembly service.

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  diagnosis & repair

When you start having issues with your equipment and aren't sure what the problem might be, we will pinpoint the causing factor to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. Once a diagnosis has been given, we locate any parts needed at the lowest price and get you back on the schedule to install them for a worry free experience. We include a regular maintenance during any repair so that your equipment is in the best shape possible in order to maximize the life of your machine.

  General Maintenance

Treadmill- Consists of cleaning machine, belt adjustment and/or tightening, drive belt and drive motor test with multimeter, wiring harness continuity check, walking belt lubrication, hardware tightening and adjustments and console updates.


Elliptical- Consists of cleaning machine, bearing check and lubrication, outer plastic removal and inside drive belt check, resistance motor multimeter check and eddy mech inspection and lubrication, hardware tightening and adjustments and console updates.

Bike/Rower- Consists of cleaning machine, bungee, strap and harness inspection, bearing lubrication and flywheel inspection. Hardware tightening and adjustments and console updates. 

MultiGyms- Consists of cleaning of machine, lubrication of bearings, hardware tightening and adjustment, cable inspection and adjustment, pulley inspection and adjustment.

Sterilizing Gym


Say goodbye to the hassle of buying and transporting fitness equipment. With our pickup and delivery service, we take care of everything from start to finish. We'll even assemble the equipment for you, so you can start your workout right away. Experience the convenience of hassle-free delivery and assembly with our top-rated Fitness Equipment service.

Empty apartment


Moving your fitness equipment to a new space can be a hassle, but with our Moving Spaces service, we make it easy and stress-free. Our team of experienced movers will handle your fitness equipment with the utmost care and ensure that everything is properly packed and transported to your new location.


Rack mounting consists of attaching stringers to studs in your wall and then mounting the rack to the stringers. Concrete walls require additional steps to ensure proper installation as well as to prevent damage to your wall.


Our team understands that time is valuable, which is why we provide quick and efficient multigym assembly services. With our high-quality tools and materials, we ensure that your gym is assembled to perfection without any hassle. Let us take the stress out of your workout routine.



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